Resources for Students

In addition to the resources listed in this section, the HWP publishes an array of writing guides focused on specific disciplines, courses, or genres of writing.

  • Departmental Writing Fellows: advanced graduate students who provide one-on-one tutorials on writing in your concentration.
  • HarvardWrites: an array of lessons on the fundamental elements of academic argumentation.
  • Exposé: award-winning essays from Harvard's Expository Writing courses, annotated to highlight key writing strategies.
  • Harvard Guide to Using Sources: a concise and useful introduction to the basics of using sources effectively and responsibly.
  • The Writing Center: peer tutoring on any paper or writing project, including senior theses.
  • Writing Workshops: occasional workshops on selected topics in argumentative writing, such as science writing, writing research papers, etc.
  • Harvard Writers at Work lecture series: lectures focused on the ways that writing connects academic and professional work and the broader public.