Resources for Teaching Fellows

Harvard Writing Project consultants can help teaching fellows learn how to encourage their students to write better, more persuasive papers. HWP consultants are available to consult with teaching fellows on any aspect of their teaching relevant to writing instruction—grading, commenting, assignment design, classroom activities, etc.

In addition to consulting with teaching fellows, the HWP offers the following services:

  • HWP consultants can conduct TF training workshops on grading, commenting, teaching writing process, or designing writing assignments. Workshops can be designed for particular courses, departments, or teaching practicums.
  • The HWP Brief Guide series offers concise advice on various aspects of teaching writing.
  • With the support of the course head, HWP consultants can help design exercises, classroom activities, or writing guides for courses.
  • The HarvardWrites Instructor Toolkit website offers concise advice about best practices for teaching writing and an array of customizable lesson plans and exercises that are available for download.
  • The student resources section of this site lists writing instruction resources aimed at a student audience. 


Teaching Fellows interested in discussing the role of writing in a course, setting up a training workshop, or developing writing assignments and guides should contact Dr. James Herron, Director of the Harvard Writing Project, at or call (617) 495-5785.  

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